We understand that schools need a high level of security when it comes to internet use. Unfortunately some security features can effect Oxford Owl performance and prevent certain pages loading. To avoid any potential issues like this, you can add the Oxford Owl domains and URLs to the school’s web filtering software to exclude them from the filtering process. We try to keep our list as up to date as possible.

The list of domains to add to the allowlist are listed below. If the problems still persist after adding them then please contact your Web Filtering provider to ensure that the settings are applied correctly.

  • d28hraxyi7zz1z.cloudfront.net
  • d3hj8efshuo053.cloudfront.net
  • d2u2rub3ii1j42.cloudfront.net
  • d1wqf1babhrky6.cloudfront.net
  • db3yrrnhjzya2.cloudfront.net
  • d3mqcfogy3tx99.cloudfront.net
  • *.production.oxed.oup-avallain-author.org
  • author-engine-production.avallain.net
  • fdslive.oup.com
  • *.oxfordowl.co.uk

You can run your own tests with the developer tools within certain browsers to see which URLs are being blocked. If you want to find out more information about these developer tools then please click on the links provided below.