Logging in

If your child has received login details from their teacher, they can access the student area by logging in at www.oxfordowl.co.uk. Before entering any details, please ensure the students tab is selected.

It is important to know what type of login to use as it will be one of the following:

  • A class login – a login that teachers set up for the whole class to use. This will allow students to access all content available to them within the student area.
  • An individual student login – a login that is unique to your child. When given a student login, your child will be able to access all content available to them and complete any homework their teacher has assigned to them.

Individual student logins are only available if your child’s school is signed up to:

  • The Read Write Inc. Phonics eBook Library
  • The eBook Library for Essential Letters and Sounds
  • The eBook Library for Letters and Sounds
  • Project X CODE

If your child has been given an individual student login they should no longer use any class logins they might have used previously. They will still be able to access everything they need using their new student login.

For additional support helping your child login, visit our student login support page for more information.

Retrieving lost passwords  

If your child uses a class login, they must speak to their teacher who will be able to remind them of the class password

If your child uses an individual student login and their teacher has registered your email address in the system, you will be able to retrieve the password yourself by following the Forgotten my login link which is accessible via the login screen. If your address has not been registered, your child must speak to their teacher who will be able to retrieve it for them.