To cancel assigned homework:

  1. Navigate to the homework and reporting area within Oxford Owl for School.
  2. Ensure you are on the Homework tab and select the relevant group or class. This shows a table of all the work that has been assigned to students within that group.
  3. Locate the assigned work you would like to cancel using the search bar provided or by using the drop down filter to refine the list.
  4. Select the resource(s) using the checkbox
  5. Click Delete.

To edit assigned homework, follow the steps above, but select Edit to open the edit panel (please note you can only select one resource for editing at a time).

The homework can be edited in the following ways:

  • Changing the start and end dates
  • Adding or removing students from the homework assignment
  • Changing/ adding instructions.

Please note: that if a resource was originally assigned alongside other resources in the same assignment basket, any edits will affect all resources, not just the one selected. A list of the resources affected is shown in the edit panel.